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Who are the lucky people who landed themselves the richest?

Alex Becker · 30.03.2022
Amal Alamuddin George Clooney was considered untamable for a very long time. He was considered THE eternal bachelor. Many beautiful and also i... Weiterlesen

These old records are golden - check them out right now and see if you own one!

Marc Schmidt · 30.03.2022
Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin (1969) The year 1969 was a special year for many. Just think of Woodstock and the famous song by Brian Adams “Sum... Weiterlesen

These are the partners of famous LGBT entertainers

Nils Naumann · 19.03.2022
Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani The famous CNN anchor practically lives in the spotlight at this point. However, not many know that he ha... Weiterlesen

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World’s 30 Best Travel Destinations, Ranked

Chrissy Fischer · 22.08.2022
The ultimate ranking of travel destinations aims to solve a serious problem: so many places to visit, so little time. But even in a world with a trillion destin... Weiterlesen

17 facts about North Korea you probably didn't know

Natalie Wagner · 20.06.2022
1. North Koreans can't just leave their place of residence! Anyone who is at home in North Korea cannot simply leave their place of residence.... Weiterlesen

Drone Photos Taken In Mid Air Will Have You Feeling Uneasy

Marc Schmidt · 18.06.2022
Whether low or high, we all see the world from unique view points. However, many of us miss out on views high, oh so very high, above our heads. Few experiences... Weiterlesen


30 Fast Food Restaurants You Should Try Your Best To Avoid

Tim Funke · 22.08.2022
We just can't resist fast food, even though we know that it is not healthy. We've listed 30 worst fast food restaurants based on Consumer Reports. Do check i... Weiterlesen

Important facts about vitamins!

Alex Becker · 28.02.2022
There are many misconceptions about vitamins. Which ones do we really need? Are all vitamins really lost during cooking? Is it even possible to take too many vi... Weiterlesen

These foods are great against infections

Marc Schmidt · 28.02.2022
Even our grandparents have known which foods are good for us as soon as you feel bad, caught a cold or even the flu. At that time, people did not automatically ... Weiterlesen


Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Natalie Wagner · 04.08.2022
It is very obvious how dogs carried great affection for humans. Domestic dogs are sometimes referred to as “man’s best friend” because of their decades an... Weiterlesen

These photos prove those baby animals are the most adorable thing!

Laura Weber · 30.03.2022
Baby hedgehog Oh, isn't that cute? Baby hedgehogs also called "hoglets", are just incredibly cute! Just look at that, those little paws and th... Weiterlesen

These life-threatening snakes you should best never encounter

Alex Becker · 19.03.2022
Coastal Taipan Snakes as pets are still very popular. In our country, however, only those that are harmless are allowed. Which also makes sens... Weiterlesen


25 Health Hacks to Quickly Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Natalie Wagner · 22.08.2022
Health is wealth. You can always bank on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to keep you energised through the hardest of days. However, between family, work, a... Weiterlesen

With these tips, you can easily manage to live healthier!

Lisa Neumann · 28.02.2022
We, too, often find ourselves practically overwhelmed by all the advice we receive on the subject of health. For example, what vitamins are really important, ho... Weiterlesen

This really helps against irritable bowel syndrome

Sina Weller · 28.02.2022
The topic of irritable bowel syndrome is one that you don't just talk about at a party, unless you are among your closest friends and want to get advice from th... Weiterlesen

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