The gorilla wouldn't let anyone near him until the keepers saw what he was holding in his hands

Nils - 11. February 2022
Gorillas are unique creatures. The staff had known him and his moods for quite a while. Bobo, the gorilla, was not a stranger to them; they had become accustomed to him and knew how to deal with him. But this time, everything was different. He acted strangely and hid from them.

That was new. Now they were alarmed. This was a behavior that Bobo had never shown before. They had to find out what was causing it. .
The staff at the primate sanctuary in Cameroon had known Bobo since his earliest childhood. The mother had been caught by poachers when Bobo was only two years old. When he arrived at the sanctuary, he was not the funniest and liveliest gorilla but peculiar and very shy.

But he grew well under loving care and eventually even became the dominant gorilla in his area. He was a leader and would be able to fight back should poachers approach him. Everyone agreed on that.
Although Bobo is really a huge gorilla, weighing about 125 kg, he was a lovely animal. He was never aggressive toward his peers, and everyone seemed to like him.

Of course, there were also completely normal fights in the group because it was necessary to defend the place on the throne, which he really held. Occasionally, another gorilla would lean against him, but Bobo quickly managed to clarify who the boss was without any scary scenes at all.
Elissa, who had taken care of Bobo from the beginning, later said that younger gorillas named Kibu and Nkamum had very well-argued with Bobo about his position once. However, they quickly gave up because Bobo quickly made it clear that this was his place at the head of the troop.

The others have never tried to claim his place since. Then, however, Bobo suddenly began to behave strangely. Elissa wanted to find out what was wrong with the animal.
Bobo's home is a wildlife enclosure run by a charity in England. It is "Ape Action Africa" and provides a safe and good home for about 300 gorillas and other ape species. Until now, Bobo had never been conspicuous, but now something seemed to be up, literally, because Bobo even put other conspecifics in danger.

The staff wondered what could be going on, and they decided not to let Bobo out of their sight until they figured out what was going on.
His whole behavior was completely different than usual. Normally, he proudly walked around the enclosure and showed himself to everyone.

But now, he hid at every opportunity and lay down in the grass as soon as a co-worker tried to approach him. So that this should not discover him, he also hid from the other animals. A really disturbing behavior, which was new. But what was behind it?
Virtually everyone who works in an animal sanctuary knows that the animals have been traumatized in some way. Either they had been separated from their parents, like Bobo, or they had experienced violence.

But Bobo had been with them for so long that it seemed strange to them that he could only now be suffering from trauma. So something else had to have happened to take Bobo like that. All they had to do now was find out what was causing it.
The "Ape Action Africa" had deliberately founded this sanctuary because poachers were repeatedly attacking and abducting the rare animals. Trade with these animals and also with their meat was very lucrative.

Cameroon needed a sanctuary, and the English organization had made it possible. The staff lovingly cared for their charges, including Bobo. Therefore, they quickly noticed the change in the gorilla.
The staff there are well trained and also know how to deal with traumatized animals. They cherished and cared for the animals far beyond feeding them.

Many were really friends with the animals. So it was also important for Elissa to find out what was going on with her protégé Bobo, whom she had known since her arrival at the enclosure. She had to find out why he was acting so strangely. Something he was hiding. He had something in his hands that he wanted to hide from everyone.
So she watched her charge for a while, and when he moved away from the meadow where he was previously hidden in the grass, she decided to go to the spot. To see if he put anything there. So she searched the meadow but could not discover anything.

So what exactly was the animal hiding? It had to be important to him. Because whatever he hid from them, he always carried it with him, and so did not let it out of his sight.
So far, Bobo had always been friendly to the staff, especially to Elissa, and approached them joyfully. Now it was different. He left as soon as he saw someone.

He wanted to protect something that he held in his hands and hid from everyone. They had to find out what it was, so they kept watching him for a while, and now they realized what he was hiding. It was not something; it was a living being!
Bobo noticed that he was being watched and was very scared about it. So he tried to hide behind higher bushes, which he succeeded in doing at first. Elissa, who was watching him closely, could not make out exactly what kind of creature he held in his hands.

But she wanted to help him, and for that, she had to come up with a good trick so that Bobo would let her get close to him.
Had they missed an animal? You knew them all, didn't you? The little creature that Bobo so lovingly cared for and caressed and fondled was nowhere to be found.

At least they hadn't noticed anything. But what kind of animal was it? Elissa continued to watch the scene through her binoculars and realized that it was indeed also a gorilla that Bob was so fondly concerned about here.
But where did he come from? So the new monkey? They all knew their animals, even if there were many. They knew which animals had offspring and where some were expected.

But if the little newcomer didn't come from their enclosure, where did it come from? So, where did Bobo get a little gorilla? They were all totally perplexed now. Had they missed something?
After watching the little one for a while, they were sure that this was a Galago. So it wasn't an animal from their enclosure but from the surrounding sanctuary. When he got into the enclosure, there was someone who lovingly took care of him, Bobo.

It was surprising to see a gorilla taking care of a galago. It was even more unusual because Bobo was a male, and they certainly did not care for other people's children. Normally.
Elissa later reported that the little one was not afraid of Bobo at all. On the contrary, it let itself be carried by him and bounced around him as if it had never been any other way.

It seemed as if it had already gotten used to the big gorilla and that it enjoyed the attention of the big animal very much. But what should they do now? This was really a situation that they all had not experienced before.
What surprised Elissa the most was how the two had actually found each other. This is because gorillas, like humans, tend to be active throughout the day and sleep at night. With Galagos, it's the other way around.

These animals are active at night and sleep during the day. So how had Bobo gotten hold of the little one? And why had he decided to take care of it? Questions upon questions, it was a really special situation.
Most often, rescued animals no longer care for others. So not about those who live outside their world. The savages take care of each other, and so do the rescued. Mixing is usually not possible. But somehow, these two had found each other. The one living in the enclosure met the one from the jungle.

And that was a difficult situation because other animals were living in the enclosure. How would they react to the newcomer? Now it was clear what Bobo had been afraid of before the reaction of the other animals.
Elissa watched for a while longer as Little Galago let Bobo take care of him, as they played with each other and as Bob handled him.

Now slowly, Bobo went back into the enclosure, that is, out of the protective forest, and held the baby close to his chest again so that no other animal would see it. But the other animals had now also become curious and were watching Bobo very closely.
Bobo probably noticed that the others now noticed that something was different. He kept them at a distance and probably somehow made it clear to all of them to stay away. Elissa now observed that Bobo did not want to keep his new friend in the enclosure at all. Obviously, he only took care of the little one during the day.

Now he made sure that the little one got back to his jungle in one piece by picking him up and transporting him to a high branch. Elissa filmed everything. She was thrilled with how Bobo had behaved and that he cared so sweetly for other creatures.
Jirapong Manustrong /
The enclosure staff captured every minute of this action by Bobo on camera and posted it on Facebook with the words: "Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week - a wild bush baby!"

They went on to say that they had observed him handling the little one and holding it lovingly in his arms. They were amazed at how gentle and tender he was with the strange being.
This video, of course, liked the users, so it received more than 2000 comments, and the video was viewed well over a million times on Facebook.

People were touched by the tenderness of the gorilla, and they could not help but notice that many people could learn a lot from the animal's behavior. That's true, isn't it? Such a strong animal, which is dominant, can also be quite gentle and sweet.
One user wrote: "These animals have a very loving and sensitive nature. People can learn from it". Another wrote: "This is exactly why I love gorillas so much.

They are amazing animals, gentle giants, and extremely intelligent." That's exactly why it would be so important to protect this species wherever possible. But, of course, the users are totally right about that, too.
Because these friendly creatures are threatened throughout the Congo due to deforestation of the rainforest and poachers, they are actually threatened with extinction. By the way, there are two kinds of gorillas. The western gorilla and the eastern gorilla. These are again divided into lowland gorilla, mountain gorilla, and cross river goriTherefore, ita.

It should be ensured that these magnificent animals do not lose their habitat. Fortunately, there are organizations like Ape Africa that care.
Did you know that gorillas are very intelligent? Chimpanzees may seem smarter because they also make simple tools, but gorillas know how to help themselves. For example, they use branches to measure the depth of a body of water before crossing it.

Or they build ladders to make it easy for their kids to climb. Of course, these are plain, but they know how to help themselves. Their communication is also remarkable. They use over 25 different sounds to communicate with each other.
And gorillas are not that far away from us. Their DNA is 98.3% identical to ours. So, next to chimpanzees, they are among our closest natural relatives.

Unfortunately, however, they are also currently the most endangered animals in the world. Many organizations are trying to change this and establish as many protected areas as possible. But for this, they depend on donations and help from mankind.
Ape Action Africa was founded in 1996 and was then called CWAF, an acronym for Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Their goal was to improve conditions for the monkeys in Congo.

Sanctuaries were established, and the staff was hired to care for the animals. Over time, the focus of her work shifted to caring for orphans. So gorillas that had lost their parents to poachers or through accidents.
More than 300 monkeys are cared for by Ape Action Africa, making it one of the largest projects of its kind in Africa. They not only help little monkeys who have lost their parents but, of course, try to help all monkeys by giving them a new home when they have lost their old ones.

Besides Bobo, there are Kibu and Nkamum in the reserve, and three female gorillas named Jasmine, Geri, and Avishag. Two boys also still live there. Their names are Eto and Fils. They love their home and feel comfortable and protected.
Stories like Bobo's, of course, help create awareness in people's minds. How important it is to protect endangered animals. How important it is to give them a home where they can live safely and securely.

The biggest threat to the gorillas and chimpanzees, and the galagos are poachers and the deforestation of their natural habitat. Cameroon has more than 20 million hectares of rainforest, but it will disappear if mining is not stopped. But, unfortunately, it is not yet time. Yet.
dominika zara /
Sir David Attenborough, who first visited the gorillas' territory in 1979, said it would be encouraging to see efforts increase to secure the important habitats. This involves organizations, groups, and also governments. However, he urged even then to take the threats to wildlife seriously and ensure that their natural habitat is not diminished but preserved.

So that many more generations of gorillas and other endangered animals can live happily; they have the same right as we humans. We can only agree with this.