These foods are great against infections

Marc - 28. February 2022
Even our grandparents know which foods are good for us as soon as we feel bad, catch a cold, or even the flu. At that time, people did not automatically resort to any medication but first tried home remedies, which helped surprisingly well. Right away: Anyone who has a high fever or feels bad should, of course, go to the doctor. But otherwise, you can certainly try with these wonderful helpers from nature to fit the organism again.

You can usually feel quite well whether you have only caught a slight cold or are seriously ill and should see a doctor. The most important clue is your feeling, and you may trust them. We have brought you here true miracle remedies from nature together, which will help you with lighter infections or even the flu quite quickly back on your feet.
You are going when you realize that you are limp and a bit sick. The body needs rest as soon as it is somehow battered due to too much stress or an infection. So off to the sofa, off to bed, and rest if possible.

Too many have problems later when they return to work too quickly after seemingly getting over a cold or even the flu. The body needs a certain amount of time to function again fully, which should be given to it. This is also true for mothers who still have young children. It is quite possible to include the little ones in this resting phase. Reading a book aloud or simply telling nice stories is also great from the sofa.
Intestinal infections are usually over quickly. Often a rampant virus is the cause of sudden nausea and severe digestive discomfort, which often manifests itself in diarrhea and vomiting. One thing above all applies here: Rest for the stomach and intestines. However, this does not mean that you should now eat nothing at all, but only moderately. It is important to ensure fluid balance in good time to avoid dangerous dehydration.

A strong broth, a good tea without sugar, and slowly, as soon as a feeling of hunger comes again, eat rusks or soup with light inserts. Mostly the spook is over again within three days. A very bad piece of advice is the famous coke with salt sticks. The salt sticks would still be halfway okay because the lack of salt can be compensated, but the cola is not good. Tea, unsweetened, or water is better. By the way, medications should not be taken for viral intestinal infections, especially those that could prevent important excretion.
Greek yogurt is especially good against flu infections because it contains a lot of probiotics, i.e., bacteria that are good for the intestines. And as we probably all know by now, the gut is the headquarters of our health. So you don't need to get expensive probiotics from the drugstore or pharmacy, but you should generally, so even in a healthy state, as often as possible, yogurt or kefir on the menu.

We must never forget that whatever you can get in the pharmacy, excluding essential medicines, of course, everything has its model in nature. The first antibiotic was a fungus that grew in a Petri dish. The discoverer at the time, Alexander Fleming, discovered that this mold had practically eaten bacteria. So penicillin was nothing but a natural mold.
Good old chicken soup is the best remedy against flu infections. This has been proven in numerous studies. Of course, our grandmothers already knew it, and many smiled about it, but it's true. Chicken soup is a perfect way to help the body quickly. It has been proven that chicken soup blocks certain cells that trigger inflammation in the body.

There won't be many vitamins left in a soup. That's a common rumor because, at 60 degrees cooking temperature, practically all vitamins go to waste. In return, however, valuable minerals are retained. Zinc and other important minerals ensure that the germs in the body quickly run out of air, and you can recover faster.
Good ginger has rightly gained popularity in recent years. The healthy tuber is a true miracle cure for our body and can help against flu infections, but it is a valuable supplier of good substances for our complete health. Especially for colds, ginger tea is an excellent remedy. It ensures that the attacked mucous membranes quickly decongest.

Ideal in case of illness as a ginger tea, which is very easy to prepare yourself, in which you boil the ginger. Just cut a good piece about 5 cm from the tuber, wash well, and do not peel! Cut into slices. Then put it in a pot with water and let it steep there for about 10 minutes. If necessary, sweeten with honey or agave syrup, and you have a great natural building aid that helps the immune system on its feet.
What about citrus fruits? Are they as much of a miracle weapon against infections as is commonly thought? Partly partly. Vitamin C is always good, and more of it can shorten the duration in case of illness. But it should be remembered that vitamin C is not only in lemons. If you have a cold, you can hardly get anything sour down. Vitamin C is also found in kiwi, broccoli, pineapple, and peppers. So go ahead and prepare a good mixed vegetable.

The pineapple has another special advantage: Your enzymes. Enzymes have an anti-inflammatory effect and are mentioned far too rarely! Other good sources of enzymes are papaya and mango. Therefore, even in a healthy state, calmly reach for these fruits more often. They are underestimated! Figs also have enzymes that can have a positive effect on health.
Sea buckthorn juice is also always somehow lost in the health tips, which is a great pity. Because firstly, it is very tasty, and secondly, it provides ten times more vitamin C than a lemon! But that is not all. Sea buckthorn contains many other good substances, such as the important provitamin A, beta carotene, and vitamin E, to name a few.

The only important thing here, as always, is to pay attention to the quality. Sea buckthorn juice should be 100% juice and preferably organic quality. If you don't like juice, you can also buy sea buckthorn as an elixir or a pure fruit to add to soups. So sea buckthorn is super versatile and an important supplier of valuable substances in case of illness, but just as healthy! One should never forget prevention is better than cure.
Honey is a means which one already in old Egypt for and against many kinds of complaints have used. The good old honey that the industrious bees provide us with is full of valuable active ingredients and can even act as a natural antibiotic. A tablespoon of honey is said to help when the throat is inflamed and sore from a cold or flu-like infection.

However, milk with honey is not necessarily the best remedy for a cold. The milk often ensures that the throat here is only more irritated. But when buying honey, please always look for good quality. Organic honey is ideal, and it should in no way be processed with artificial sugar! Honey is naturally sweet enough, so it doesn't need other sugars.
If you're not a vegan, you can make good beef soup when you have a cold. The meat of beef or its extract has a tonic and strengthening effect. If you can already eat again, you can also cook the beef and make a meal with potatoes. Rice is also a good choice as a side dish.

Chicken soup and beef broth were all standard meals in the past when someone was sick, and you already knew why. Strengthening foods are important in the recovery phase. Those who live vegan can, of course, look for vegan alternatives. I'm sure there are plenty of choices there, too. A good fortifying vegetable soup, for example. Consisting of celery, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes. If you like, you can also boil down the ginger.
Vitamin D should also not be forgotten. So many of us are susceptible to infections, especially in the winter months, and what are we most deficient in during this time? Exactly. Sunlight and thus the important vitamin D. A good supply of it is important for a good immune system. But what provides the most sunshine vitamins?

Fish. Clearly. There's a reason why, especially in Alaska, where there's no sunshine most of the year, hardly anyone is deficient in Vitamin D. Good suppliers of vitamin D are all fish that are very fatty. Don't worry, the fat of the fish is healthy too! Salmon is a good supplier, as are herrings and good old sardines. So take a fish day more often, especially in the winter months! Vegans can get their supply of good vitamins from algae products.
Let's move on to the teas. The first helper for colds is green tea. If it is of good quality, this tea is also a wonderful way to jump-start the immune system. The reason is its contained polyphenols and other good substances. However, green tea is also not as stimulating as its relative, black tea, and thus can be drunk more often during the day.

In the acute case of illness, however, one usually does not like this and can first reach for old acquaintances as an alternative, namely peppermint, and chamomile. Chamomile is also good for intestinal infections because it quickly soothes the stomach and intestines. Peppermint would irritate him too much here. Chamomile can also be used for inhalation; put dried chamomile flowers in a pot with hot water, and inhale the steam. This very quickly ensures clear airways.