These photos prove those baby animals are the most adorable thing!

Laura - 30. March 2022
Baby hedgehog
Isn't that adorable? Baby hedgehogs, often known as "hoglets," are just adorable! Look at those little paws and toes, the little round body, the face, just everything! Check out these little feet. So we are blown away by this little guy. He has no idea how cute he looks!

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of hedgehogs. Blame the spikes. But first of all, only adult hedgehogs have spines, and second, hedgehogs are the most harmless animals. They want to have their peace, nibble a few bugs, and hibernate in winter under piles of leaves in garden corners. And nobody needs to be afraid of this little guy.
Baby dolphin
Dolphins are quite magical animals anyway. They look like they are smiling and are usually just friendly toward people. So we are happy when they jump around in front of boats and even swim and jump in front of cruise ships as if they want to wish the ship a good trip. But especially cute are, of course, the baby dolphins.

They like to play and make rings in the water, blowing bubbles as we do. So cute. There are many magical animals, but dolphins are something special again. And this little guy here, you would love to pet and cuddle. By the way, dolphins are herd animals. They are rarely found alone.
Baby Hamster
Did you know that hamsters are born without fur and are completely blind? They do not see until they are about 14 days old. Before that, their little world is just dark. Hamsters are the most popular pets in our country, with dogs and cats, although it must be said that you can not enjoy them for a long time. They live no longer than three years. But during this time you have a lot of fun with them.

When a hamster is expecting babies, it doesn't take months for them to be born, but only three weeks. So the hamster mom can give birth to 6 to 20 hamsters in one litter. We imagine such a litter when quite a lot of such little mini hamsters are lying there in the cage. That's just mega cute, isn't it? Let's take a look at the next animal, baby.
Baby Kangaroo
Australia must be a wonderful country, or rather a wonderful continent, if such cute animals live there like the kangaroos. Fun Fact: The babies of the kangaroos are called "Joeys." They spend their first weeks in mommy's pouch, and there they are also warm and safe. Kangaroo mothers have a strong sense of care for their children and never abandon them. Immediately after birth, the baby is packed into the bag on the abdomen.

For the first time, the baby also has a lot of space there because they are born mini small. But then, they grow, are nursed normally by their mothers, and slowly climb out of mama's warm pouch after a while. But until the stage of adulthood, it spends most of its time with mom. So it's almost like us humans. But only almost.
We don't know about you guys. But cats are with dogs, the animals that are somehow cute at any age. And cats are already super cute as babies, and as adult animals, they remain so. Even an old cat looks cute. Nevertheless, of course, small baby cats are, again, something very special. Already alone, their mewing! So high and squeaky.

And playful they are. Everything that moves is caught. At least the little kittens try to catch everything that crawls or runs in front of them. The owners jump up to their legs and scratch everything in front of their little paws. Yes, baby cats are already something very sweet. Let's look at more animal babies.
Baby stingray
There are animals with which you can cuddle great and some that do not belong. Here we have a stingray that is harmless even as a baby, but its parents might have a problem if you try to cuddle with their little ones. But isn't that cute? There is hardly any animal that does not look cute in its baby age, and the ray belongs to the species: I want to cuddle with you so much!

These animals are fascinating anyway. When they float on the water, it looks more like flying. They float along like it's the easiest thing in the world, and for them, it probably is. But, of course, they can also swim quickly and make a perfect escape from their enemies due to their flat bodies. Great animals, no question! But let's look at some more babies from the animal world.
Baby squirrel
Squirrels are also one of the animals we are always happy to see. They are already cute as adults, but check out the baby too! You don't see them in the wild because the adults take good care that nothing happens to them. And so mom and dad always search for food while the babies wait dutifully in their little nests.

You all know that squirrels provide for themselves. They collect nuts and especially acorns in the fall and bury them so that they have something to eat in the winter. But did you know that gray squirrels are forgetful? They also collect and bury the acorns but forget where it was. And in these places later grow the next oaks. Good or? But bad for the squirrels if they have nothing to eat. We are sure they know how to help themselves.
A cute sweet animal who wants to have joy in life. And look how cute it looks! By the way, they are very smart animals, even when they are still small. Who would have thought? Piggies and the adults always get stupid names like Stupid, stupid, and dirty...But all completely wrong. Pigs are among the smartest animals on this earth.

They recognize their mama by her voice and start listening to her name as soon as they are older than two weeks. That's very impressive. And did you know that Mama Pig also likes to sing to her boys? This is sweet and makes you think again. These animals, like all animals, should be kept well. That is the least you can offer them. Let's look at some more baby animals now.
Baby sloth
Yes, sloths are lazy. They have their name, right? And the good thing is that this allows you to look at them in peace because they certainly do not run away quickly. Look at that funny little face, isn't that mega cute? But there is also something really special about the animal. The large specimens do, but only their young!

By the way, sloths belong to the animals that can see from birth. They immediately open their little eyes and survey the world. They climb and cling very early and like to hang on to their mama. By the way, they do not like to change their home. Their favorite thing is to be able to spend their whole life on just one tree. Move only if you have to.
Baby crocodile
Reptiles are only for people who like them. And crocodiles belong to the animals which one would not like to meet at night in the forest and in the swamp. And rightly so, because they can become very dangerous very quickly. They do not cultivate friendships with humans. They don't have to. But check this out. Even a crocodile looks super cute while it's still small!

Did you know that crocodiles are animals that have lived on this earth forever? They were already alive when humans, as we know them today, were not even to be thought of. They were even around when there were dinosaurs. So please show more respect for these old ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. And this cuddly something here, you can't see anything evil in it anyway, can you?
As it was earlier with the little cat, is the cuddle alarm also announced? Virtually any dog looks cuddly as a puppy, and it's hard to resist! You can also be impressed when you think about how many different breeds of dogs there are, right? From mini small to calf size, it's all there.

And the dog is still considered man's best friend. You will never see a dog voluntarily leave its owner, and we all know the tragic stories of what happens when an owner dies in front of his dog. They mourn as if they have lost the most important thing in the world. That's right. But let's stay with the beginning of life here. This is a puppy of a Golden Doodle. Cute or?
Baby Fennec Fox
Have you ever heard of the Sahara Fox? If not, here you go. Here you can see a specimen of the Fennec fox, which is native to the Sahara. It is considered the smallest species of its kind, that is, among foxes, and this variety can survive in the most extreme conditions. Moreover, they are tough and elegant and cope with virtually any obstacle.

Nature, after all, thinks for itself, so the ears on the Fennec Fox are huge, so the heat of the desert is dissipated, which helps it be pleasantly cool. And since there is no air conditioning in nature, nature has made excellent provisions here. So in this way, the little one can grow and flourish in the middle of the desert. Always fascinating how living things adapt to conditions, isn't it?
Baby turtle
We've probably all seen this picture before, but it's still mega cute! This little turtle is having fun with this strawberry, almost as big as he is! It's always amazing how little fear animals have, no matter how big their counterparts are. They look at everything in amazement and with only a little shyness. And this turtle here is just having a blast with this gorgeous red fruit.

They already look like their larger relatives and grow quite quickly. The only difference between the young and the adults is that they are more sensitive to cold. But otherwise, there are hardly any differences between the little ones and the big ones. We would love to bring the little turtle here a whole plate full of strawberries!
Baby chimpanzee
Hihi, look how it looks! So when we look at this, we already see the relationship between us, humans, the chimpanzees, right? And rightly so, because we have up to 98.5 percent of the same DNA. There's no denying that, and it's okay, right? So man is descended from the ape, that is not true, but the relationship is there.

These animals are also very similar to us in social behavior. They like to hug each other, enjoy gifts and show clearly when they don't like something or someone. So very like us, at least very similar. That they are smart animals was known anyway. And this specimen here, we gladly accept it as a small relative of ours, don't we?
Baby Giraffe
Here you can see a cute baby giraffe. This animal looks already from birth like it looks later, only that it still has to grow strongly. Did you know that babies have a rough landing when they are born? The mother gets them standing so the baby can fall meters. They land on their heads without hurting themselves.

On the contrary, this process is exactly as nature intended because the moment they hit the ground, they gasp for air for the first time. Unbelievable. And best of all, they learn to walk within an hour. No one is guaranteed to imitate them. Unique nature and its creation. It can't be noted often enough. Let's take a look at some more babies from the animal kingdom.
Baby Tapir
Here you see a baby from the animal world, which you may not see very often. It is a tapir. And unfortunately, this species is one of the most threatened with extinction. In the whole world, there are about 3000 copies left. That is already arg little, and one should do everything so that it does not die out. Every animal is important. Everything is a part of the system and should remain so.

Most importantly, they cannot reproduce like other animals. Mama tapir gives birth to a maximum of one animal in her life. Accordingly, it is important to provide for their habitat. Thanks to their patterning, they live in the rainforest and can hide quite well. We wish that we may see many more of them. Environment and nature protection should become our main concern.
Baby Chameleon
Have you ever seen a baby chameleon? No? Here you go. Here you can see one of them. By the way, there are up to 170 species of this ancient animal. It is a reptile and has lived on earth for a long time. They are of different sizes and have different patterns. For many reasons, they are very impressive and especially unique animals.

Unlike many other reptiles, they give birth to their babies alive. They can move their eyes independently and thus see in all directions simultaneously. This helps them to protect themselves in their search for food. Chameleons are great animals. And this little one is just cute.
Baby Alpaca
And there it is again, the cuddle alarm! How can you look at this animal and not immediately feel the need to cuddle it? Alpacas have become very popular in recent years anyway, and many could imagine owning an alpaca instead of a dog. And if you then see the small here, then you understand this desire also or?

Originally from South America, they have since found habitats worldwide. There are a lot of alpaca farms, and maybe you have already joked with your friends that it would be the most beautiful job in the world to have such a farm. Anyway, they are great animals; they are very social and have a gentle nature.
Baby Owl
Owls are fascinating animals anyway. They are considered magical, and in the past, people valued these night-loving animals as much as they feared them. They are considered smart and have something magical about them, which hardly anyone wants to deny. They observe their surroundings with a keen eye and somehow look like they know everything. Everything.

Did you know that owls like to bond with people when you have them from a young age? So not only in Harry Potter can you see them walking along peacefully on the shoulder. That would work in real life. But let's face it, animals belong in nature, with their kind and not with us humans. Only if there is no other way, then that's okay. Lastly, let's take a look at a baby hippo.
Baby Pygmy Hippo
We've already had it. There's hardly an animal that doesn't look cute as a baby. And this little hippo is one of them! And did you know that hippos are totally friendly animals? And that they are pregnant for almost as long as humans? After eight months, they give birth to their babies.

However, the mother and the child do not stay together forever but only for the first few weeks. Then other females from the herd take care of the little animal, and they guard it and teach it everything it needs for life. The mother, of course, also remains in the herd, but she no longer takes care of the animal alone. Here, everyone helps together. Nature is a very good role model.