Who are the lucky people who landed themselves the richest?

Alex - 30. March 2022
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Amal Alamuddin
For a very long time, George Clooney was seen as being uncontrollable. He was regarded as THE ever-married man. Many beautiful and influential women were at his side until one finally managed to keep the wild boy tamed. It was and is Amal Alamuddin, who was no little girl herself when he met and fell in love with her. She was a professor and lawyer for human rights and, at that time, already owned a fortune of about 10 million dollars. The two have been married since 2014. Something that no one had believed in came true.

George Clooney has been a successful actor for many years and later became a director and producer. He has won 2 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes, and his fortune is estimated at 500 million dollars. The two are committed to charity with each other and are considered one of the most harmonious couples in Hollywood. We wish them a long and happy life together!
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Alexis Ohanian
Do you know the name, Serena Williams? Certainly, she is one of the most famous tennis players in the world and has made a great name for herself. She has earned about 180 million dollars in her career, lasting about 23 years. Her husband Alexis Ohanian, who, among other things, is the co-founder of the website “Reddit,” has a fortune of about 9 million dollars.

Therefore, she is much richer than he is, but they don’t care about that. They are a happy couple, and that is what counts. Not about how much who was brought into the marriage. He and Serena Williams have a good relationship, and we wish them that it will last for many more years. Is money everything? No. As you can well see from so many couples. Let’s take a look at the next one.
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Jean-Pierre Meyers
And here you can see the first man in the series who managed to marry a billionaire. It is Jean-Pierre Meyers. He is the CEO of Tethys SCA and holds one of the positions on the board of LÓreal. His wife is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. The two have been a couple since 1984. She herself is the heiress of the LÓreal empire and is known for her love of the Bible. Considering the marriage's length, he can’t be accused of marrying her for her money.

His wife is a proponent of good. She is a massive advocate for better relationships between Christians and Jews. When her mom passed away in 2017, Francoise became the richest woman in the world as heiress to the LÓreal empire. Her fortune is currently said to be about $53 billion. If we look at the other two ladies from before, i.e., Melinda and MacKenzie, she should remain the richest woman in the world for a while. The things you can make with cosmetics!
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Julia Flesher
Here we have another woman who married a billionaire. Julia Flesher is married to David Koch. This man is one of the owners of Koch Industries. They have been married since 1996 and are considered very happy. They both say that they are still in love with each other. That’s how it should be, no matter how little or much money the spouse has.

In the past, it was always thought that only females went for the doers. In other words, rich men. But that hasn’t been true for a long time. No matter which famous wife you meet, they’ve all gone on to their own careers. Julie Flesher, for her part, was a designer for Adolfo Dominguez, attended the University of Central Arkansas, and graduated with degrees. The two of them have about a $51 billion fortune.
Miriam Adelson
Miriam Adelson is a philanthropist who graduated from medical school at Sackler Medical School in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she became a chief intern in the emergency department. She met her husband as she expanded her studies and wanted to learn more about drug addiction. She was studying at Rockefeller University in the United States at the time. The two married in 1991.

The two got along very well because of their common interests, and together they founded the research clinic called “Dr.Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson” in Las Vegas. Her husband is a successful businessman. He owns the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The two of them have earned 33.5 billion dollars over the years. This is another good example of what a strong couple with the same interests can achieve together.
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Mellody Hobson
When you hear Mellody Hobson, the name doesn’t ring a bell. And when you hear George Lucas, you know who it’s about. George Lucas is probably best known to Star Wars fans. Indiana Jones is also immediately associated with him. All right. Well, Mellody Hobson is the wife of George Lucas. She was formerly DreamWorks Animation's president and the second CEO of Ariel investments.

Now it is clear where the two met; we all know DreamWork. The two met and fell in love in the 2010s. In 2013, the two got married and had a very happy marriage. Imagine how great it must be to live with George Lucas and experience his new ideas directly! Anyway, the two are a power couple and have been able to generate about 6 billion dollars during their marriage.
Stedman Graham
This name also meant nothing at first. Let us tell you something about him. He is an American author, teacher, and successful businessman as well. Stedman Graham founded “Athletes Against Drugs” in 1985, and since then, he has given over $1 billion worth of scholarships to student applicants. That’s big-hearted and generous, and we can see what his wife initially liked about him.

His wife is rather his partner because the two have never married. But for 33 years, Stedman has been dating no other than Oprah Winfrey. That’s right. THE Oprah. Oprah herself is almost a legend and inspires people worldwide to live better lives. She herself has a fortune of about 2 billion dollars, and her husband has made about 10 million dollars so far.
Beyoncé Knowles
When you hear Beyonce, you know money is at hand. But what is always underestimated, or who is often underestimated, is her husband, Jay-Z. The two have been together for what feels like forever and have been married since 2008. They have both become big stars, and there is probably no one who does not know their names. But how much have the two earned? Buckle up, and it’s a lot!

Beyonce’s net worth is about $440 million. Her husband earned about 1 billion of that. Now you might say Bejonce’s contribution is small. But that’s nonsense, of course. The two do everything together. They write their songs together and live together with their children. So everything belongs to them, and they certainly will not calculate with each other who has earned more now. It is a joint work, which is impressive.
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Kim Kardashian
Okay. Now this name is already money. When you hear the name Kardashian, you automatically have dollar signs in your eyes, as they say. The whole family is very rich. And since Kim hooked up with Kanye back in the day, the best aspects of money have come together. She is responsible for fashion and lifestyle and he is responsible for the music. An unbeatable combination, right?

He doesn’t need to hide behind his wife at all. Because his label Yeezys is becoming more and more successful, his music also pays well. He himself has earned about 1.3 billion dollars already. They have four children together, and yes, as it is, they, unfortunately, separated at the end of 2020. Everyone kind of questions whether this will last. Because they have had their problems before and have gotten back together every time, we can only hope so for the sake of the children alone. But we are sure even if they separate, everything goes on harmoniously.
Blake Lively
They are a real dream couple. Both handsome, both talented, and both rich. Blake Lively has found the love of her life in Ryan Reynolds. They are both actors, we know her from “Gossip Girl” among others and him, yes, he has performed a lot of things, and you know his face. He has earned about 77 million dollars so far with his work, and Blake has earned about 16 million with her acting. That doesn’t sound much when you’ve been reading about billions. But hey. For many of us, one million would be enough!

What’s nice about this couple is that you hear and see quite a few of them. Nowadays, that’s a real compliment because we all don’t like those glamorous couples who are always in the spotlight and must show everyone how happy they are. Blake and Ryan enjoy their love in silence, and they look very happy when you see them at events. And that’s what matters in the end.
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Mariah Carrey
You can like Mariah Carey or not. You can’t deny that she has a talent for something special. She always manages to be in the spotlight and always looks good doing it. She shines, and nobody can deny her that. She met and fell in love with millionaire Nick Cannon a few years ago, and they have been happily married for several years. Mariah has earned about 300 million dollars, and her husband about 60 million.

She may be known for her diva fits. But since she has Nick, she has calmed down and looks happier. It’s quieter now, no more bitching, and she seems to have settled down. Even though her husband is a lot younger than her, hardly anyone talks trash about the two of them. Look at them. That’s real harmony that can’t be faked; it has to be real. Well done, Mariah. You’re also much more likable now than you used to be.
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith is also known by everyone, even without her famous husband, Will Smith. They have been a couple for ages and have had ups and downs. However, unlike other famous couples, the two deal with it openly. When the rumors got loud that they would separate, they dared to step forward and talk openly about their problems on a talk show. The two discussed in front of an audience of millions and told how they got their marriage problems under control.

Will Smith has earned about $300 million so far. But he also knows much of this would not have been possible without Jada. As they say, she is the pillar in his life, his rock. We admire that the two of them have made their problems so public and have thus surely inspired many other couples. They could have easily separated. But they didn’t want to. After all, money isn’t everything!
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Victoria Beckham
These two dream people! They have been accused of so much, and none was true. They are one heart and soul and have built up so much together. Victoria was formerly one of the “Spice Girls,” and there is almost nothing to say about her husband, David. He is a world soccer player and a popular model. Together, the two have made a fortune of about 450 million dollars.

Victoria has long ceased to be a singer but has made a great name for herself as a fashion designer. David is no longer actively playing soccer but has founded a few companies. They have four children and have loved each other since the first day. At least, that’s what they both say. We find the marriage of the two magical. It doesn’t look like anyone or anything could break them apart. A good thing.
Jessica Seinfeld
When you hear Seinfeld, you automatically think of the comedy series. But not only her husband Jerry is famous. But she herself has also made a big name for herself. She has written four cookbooks and founded a foundation caring for New York's unprivileged families. It is the “GOOD Foundation.” It wants to make sure that poor families are at least provided with the most necessities. After all, that’s not something that can be taken for granted in the USA.

Before her social commitment, Jessica worked for Tommy Hilfiger and was responsible for marketing there. Hence, she could definitely take care of herself. But since the two have been married since 1999, they are a team and don’t want to separate. Why would they? They both have a fortune of about 950 million dollars and complete each other just perfectly.
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Miranda Kerr
We were all a little sad when Miranda broke up with Orlando Bloom. They were a real match made in heaven and had an adorable child together. But, well, sometimes, it just doesn’t fit. Then in 2014, Miranda met her current husband. It is Evan Spiegel. This is the CEO of Snapchat. Yes, that’s right, Snapchat. A funny app that still enjoys great popularity.

Evan Spiegel has made a fortune of about $3 billion with his app, and Miranda Kerr has made about $45 million through her career as a high-demand model. We’re sure neither is doing the math to see who has more. They love each other, and that’s what matters, after all. They are a beautiful couple, and we are happy with them both. By the way, Orlando is now in a relationship with Katy Perry.
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Charlene Wittstock
If you hear the name without seeing the face, only sports fans will probably immediately know who it is. Charlene Wittstock was formerly an Olympic swimmer but now holds a different post. In fact, she is the wife of none other than Prince Albert. She is now the Princess of Monaco. So she swapped her swimsuit for a tiara to put it casually.

It is not known how rich she was before. However, she became a very rich woman through her marriage to the Prince of Monaco. She is entitled to a fortune of about 1 billion dollars. The two enjoy their luxurious life in Monaco and live in the beautiful palace once home to Prince Rainier and Gracia Patricia. We can well imagine the lifestyle of the two. But we’re not envious. After all, as a prince and princess, you are always in the spotlight.
Kate Capshaw
The name Kate Capshaw will probably mean nothing to you at first. On the other hand, the name of her husband is much better known. Kate Capshaw is the wife of none other than the great producer and filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The two have been married since 1991 and have a very happy marriage. Spielberg is one of the richest directors in the world. He was able to record the highest income for all his great works.

His fortune is truly remarkable for someone who “only” earns his money from films. Steven Spielberg has earned about 3.5 billion dollars so far. By the way, the two met on the set of “Indiana Jones.” They have been married for almost thirty years and still love each other after all this time. Wonderful. So how much she earned is a minor matter here.
Meghan Markle
Before Meghan Markle met and fell in love with the Prince of Wales, she was already very successful as an actress and could earn about 5 million dollars with her roles, including in the series “Suits.” However, when she married the prince in 2016, she completely withdrew from the public eye and gave up acting. In the meantime, the two caused some scandals and emigrated to the USA together.

The royal family’s fortune is estimated at $88 billion. Prince Harry himself has about 40 million dollars in assets through his inheritances. The two are planning a lot together in their new home, and the rumor is that you may soon be able to admire both of them on the big screen. Let’s be surprised what we will still hear from both of them.