Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Natalie - 04. August 2022
Dogs and humans are known to be best friends and nothing can beat the love a dog shows for its own special person. Dogs are loyal, devoted friends who show a great bond with people.

All that makes dogs one of the most beautiful things in life, but there are even more reasons, some of which you can read about here:
They Safeguard Us
For your dog, you are not just a friend, but family and you are protected by him against whatever may come. Because many dogs are always near their owners, they also know that they do not need to protect them all the time and therefore only react in exceptional situations.

However, this quality is appreciated by many dog owners and people, which is why they are also used to protect society as a whole.
They Would Sacrifice Themselves
Because you are family to your dog, he will never abandon you and will be there for you, even in dangerous situations that threaten the dog’s life.

Dogs are selfless animals when it comes to their loved ones and would do anything to help their owners in danger, but also to defend us.
They Assist When Facing Crisis
Because of their fantastic qualities, some dogs are even trained to track people down or calm them down in the event of a disaster. Of course, there are dogs that locate and rescue people after an avalanche, for example, but many also provide emotional support in dealing with trauma.

In a recent study at a university in the US, it was found that veterans who have a dog as a pet are in better mental and physical shape than former soldiers who did not own a dog. Veterans with assistance dogs were able to cope better with their trauma and had fewer symptoms of post-war stress disorder.
They Give Beneficial Relationship
The relationship between humans and dogs goes back many centuries and has become closer over time because it is a mutual giving and taking.

As soon as a dog comes into our home, we provide them with our love, protection, a friend and food. We play with them and spend time with them and what results is a beautiful friendship of loyalty and mutual affection.
They Keep Our Lives Longer
There are many reasons why we humans value dogs so much and include them in our lives. According to one study, however, keeping a dog also has a positive effect on physical health: Dog owners exercise more, eat healthier, are mostly non-smokers and their blood sugar levels are also lower than their counterparts without dogs.

This means having a dog can improve your health and thus contribute to a longer life, as the risk of death also decreases for dog owners compared to non-dog owners, which studies have shown over a period of almost 70 years.
They have terrible short-term memories
You know what else is great about dogs? They are not as vindictive as our human friends. They have the „luck“ of not being able to remember anything for a long time, which is why they don’t hold it against you if you accidentally stand on their tail, hide their treat or don’t want to play with them.

Just have fun with your dog and don’t worry too much about what they’ll remember and what they won’t remember. One thing they will never forget is that you are their best friend and that’s exactly how you can treat them!
They have great long-term memories
As we mentioned earlier, your dog will forget many unimportant things, but never, the love and friendship that connects the two of you. As long as you treat him well, he will always be there for you and associate you with a happy feeling. For example, I had a dachshund that I have now known for over a decade and lives with my mother. Even as a puppy, my mother had stuffed him with treats and played with him and to this day she is his absolute favourite person and he never leaves her side.

However, you should remember that drastic negative experiences also stick with the dog, because I used to tease the dog a bit now and then, which is why I still get barked at by him today. Yet I believe that this is mainly due to his attachment to my mother and not because of me.
They have your back
Chester the dachshund may not be my biggest fan, but he still protects me from strangers and prefers me over them. My other dog Sally, on the other hand, loves me with all her heart and would defend me to the death. Whether it’s a lawyer, the scouts with biscuits, or the mailman ringing the doorbell, a dog that values you the way Sally does with me will defend you forever.

However, I recommend starting early with training in this regard, because the dog doesn’t have to bark at everyone who crosses his path either. Unless, of course, you want the UPS delivery man to leave the packages on the side of the road for you instead of on your porch because your dogs have vehemently chased him away.
They can mimic your emotions
In addition, your dog takes care of your well-being. He continuously analyses your body language and the tone of your voice and can sometimes also smell how you are feeling at the moment. Many dogs are trained for this as well, for example to help people with social anxiety in everyday life.

Not all people are so emphatic and can easily relate to you, but a dog will always be there for you, rejoicing with you, grieving with you and everything in between.
They are great motivational tools
You let your dog lick your empty plate and are afraid that might lead to obesity if you’re not careful? Don’t worry, especially young dogs love to be active, play and move around a lot.

You should take advantage of this, go for a walk or even a jog with your dog and not only spend valuable time with your Furry Friend, but also do something beneficial for your health. In other words, it’s a win-win situation and the best thing is: it’s a lot of fun, too!
They are very smart
Of course, no general statement can be made about a dog’s intelligence, as it can vary greatly depending on the breed. However, most dogs have exceptionally good intention and can rely on their feelings almost all the time.

They can express many different feelings with their expressions and behaviors and always know the best place to hide their toys and conquests. But more than that, they can also smell when someone has bad intentions and therefore immediately don’t trust them.
They won’t allow you to eat alone ever again
No one likes to eat alone, at least not every day. While it can also be very relaxing, dining out with friends or meeting up with family for dinner can still be fun.

You don’t like other people that much, but you also don’t like to eat alone? A dog is the perfect choice for you, because it will sit patiently next to you while you eat, looking at you with wide angel eyes and hoping that a piece of your food will also go to them.
They won’t leave you hanging
Have you ever been stood up by your friends even though you had firm plans with each other? Yes, we’ve all been there and it definitely hurts. A dog will never do that, because not only can’t they meet other dogs on their own, they wouldn’t even want to.

For your dog, you are always the first choice, whether it’s for watching TV, playing, running or shopping! They are just happy to spend their time with you!
They know how to live
In a nutshell, dogs are a more simple-minded version of humans, which probably contributes to why we get along so well. Dogs don’t worry about little things like bills, work or shopping, but live in the moment. They are happy when you arrive home, enjoy their food as if it were their last, play with toys and take a little nap now and then. Sounds like the perfect life, doesn’t it?

Of course, humans are not quite so simple, but we can still learn a few things from dogs’ attitude to life. It would definitely make life a lot more carefree and self-confident. Being with a dog will definitely improve your life, as long as you are sure that you are up to this amazing responsibility.