Widow discovers her husband's secret - After more than 50 years of marriage!

Tim - 11. February 2022
Couples who have spent their lives together are naturally very attached. When one of them has to end his or her life, the other is usually left with a burdened heart. They have become accustomed to each other, and life without the other seems almost impossible to master. This was also the case for Charlotte, who lost her husband after 50 years of marriage. She was devastated and grieved terribly. He had left something behind, though. Something that was a mystery.

The two of them owned a painting, and under the layer of varnish hid something that her husband had kept from her all these years. She found a secret message after his death, and it had to do with the painting. Would the old lady succeed in solving her husband’s mystery? Would she accomplish it alone, or did she get help? This exciting story tells about it.
She got help from a professional
Charlotte had hired a man to help her decipher the secret message her husband had left behind. The man had removed the layer of varnish from the painting and was so stunned by his findings that he wanted to tell the old lady in person. He had indeed made a discovery and called her to tell her to come to him as soon as possible.

So Charlotte drove to the man, and he revealed to her that he had discovered some kind of secret code that had been hidden under the layer of paint. Charlotte knew what this code meant, but she didn’t know what her husband was trying to tell her. It will help your comprehension if you look more closely at the narrative of the two, that is, Charlotte and her husband.
A hidden code
Now Charlotte was an old lady who had worked all her life as a nurse and had had three children with her husband, John. She had long since retired when her husband passed away. She suffered greatly from the loss; they had spent their whole lives together. But how had they met back then?

She met her husband at a bar when they were both just 20 years old. Both were there with their friends, and it was like the famous love at first sight for both of them. They saw each other and immediately fell in love. Yes, there is love at first sight; Charlotte swears by it to this day. At that time, Charlotte could not have known that her future husband would keep so many secrets from her…
They slowly got to know each other
But what surprised the then-young woman was that she learned so little about her beloved husband. He was very mysterious and hardly talked about his past, neither about his childhood nor about his youth. When they were already a couple, he was often away without her and never explained to her where he had been. But Charlotte didn’t care about all that. She trusted him and didn’t bug him with questions.

She was so in love with him, and he never gave her any cause for concern either. The only flaw was her husband’s secretiveness, but she could live with that. They married and had their first two children. But slowly, she was irritated by his behavior since they worked so well together, but she knew so little about him.
A good husband and father
Of course, Charlotte wondered what her husband was doing in his absence, and slowly, she began to ask him about it. But he always dismissed her questions with simple answers. He had a lot to do, and it had to do with work, which he was not allowed to talk about. Charlotte had no choice but to accept these answers, even if it was difficult for her.

Since she was very happy with him in all other respects, they already had their children, and he was also a good father, she didn’t want to disturb the peace at home by constantly bugging him with questions. After all, the most important thing was that he was good to her and also to the children. So she was resigned to his behavior for the time being. At least that’s what she took it upon herself to do, to be quiet.
She needed to know the truth
The young family never had much money, but that didn’t bother them. They had wonderful children and were not starving, which is the most important thing in life, after all. Everyone loved each other very much, and there was actually nothing to complain about. Well, actually. If it weren’t for her husband’s secrets, which at the time were weighing more heavily on Charlotte than she would have preferred. She began to doubt her husband. To put an end to that, she decided to do something about it.

She didn’t want to doubt. In fact, he gave her no reason to. Still, she needed to know what he was doing when he wasn’t with her and the kids, so one day, she decided to follow him when he went to work again. The kids were staying over at a friend’s house that night, so she could easily implement her plan. The truth was important to her.
She followed her husband
John had been walking for quite a while, not noticing that his wife was following him. But then he stopped at a nice restaurant on the outskirts of town and went inside. Charlotte didn’t know what to do. So she watched him through the windows and got the fright of her life. A beautiful young woman sat down at the table with her husband! She couldn’t help it and storm into the restaurant in a rage.

Apparently, John had been prepared for such a situation because he remained quite calm and also reassured his wife. The woman would be totally harmless, and she would not have to worry. Her husband’s companion confirmed his words, and so Charlotte slowly calmed down again. She had to believe him, even if it was really difficult for her.
Everything supposedly had to do with the work
The two then left the restaurant together and went home. On the way home, Charlotte brought up the subject of trust, and John also said that he was already a bit disappointed that, apparently, she didn’t trust him. She should please learn to trust him. He was not a person who kept his affairs and feelings on the tip of his tongue, and he needed some secrets, but she should not worry. It would certainly have nothing to do with other women.

Charlotte was half-satisfied with these explanations but remained vigilant. She was particularly curious about a drawer in John’s study. It was always locked, and he always carried the key with him. So she never had a chance to look inside. But she decided to believe her John and not pry any further.
The secret drawer would not leave her mind
As the years passed, the two led a happy marriage. The children slowly grew up and went their own ways. For Charlotte, it was clear that she would love her John forever, despite his secrets. She trusted him and also believed him that he would not be unfaithful. However, life always has its own plans, and so clouds appeared in the rather untroubled marital sky.

Not long after John retired, he wasn’t feeling well. Charlotte sent him to the doctor, and he diagnosed a serious but rare illness. He had not been well for a long time but had always refused to go to the doctor. It was only when he was feeling worse and worse that Charlotte was finally able to persuade him to consult a doctor, which he did.
A serious illness
The doctor did not have good news for him. He told him that he had a serious disease, which, unfortunately, was so rare that there would be no medication for a cure. Further, he said that he would probably not live much longer. Medicine could do nothing for him, and he should enjoy his remaining time as much as possible.

Of course, Charlotte hoped that the doctors were wrong and that John would soon be healthy again. But unfortunately, the hope was in vain. One evening, they had just eaten dinner, and John felt very bad. So bad that Charlotte had to call the emergency doctor. He arrived at the nearest hospital in very critical condition. That night Charlotte was told that John would only live a maximum of 2 days. What a shock!
The children had to be notified
When Charlotte had grasped the terrible news halfway, she went to the phone to notify her children. They should have the chance to say goodbye to their father. Because it was really serious, John would not live much longer. None of them had any idea at that time of the secret that John had kept all these years.

Fortunately, the children of the two came quickly and could say goodbye to their beloved father in peace. They had always had a very good relationship with him and were very sad that he had to die soon. Then the children left, and Charlotte remained alone in the room with her husband until the end. John spoke to her, and she listened to him.
They had experienced a wonderful time together
Charlotte pondered until he spoke to her about how wonderful all those years had been. How attentive John had been to her and had often given her great gifts. These were unusual, as John had been a very creative person. One of these gifts, however, she loved the most. It had been one of the first when they had not been together long.

John’s great passion had been painting. He did it only as a hobby, but it gave him a lot of pleasure. He had made many paintings and also painted many sketches of his wife. But one of the paintings was very special. He presented it to her with the words that he would never leave her side again and that his heart belonged to her forever.
In his last words he talked about the paintings
As Charlotte sat by his bedside, she noticed that he was getting worse. But John woke up properly once again before he dozed off and said to her that one of his paintings was not a normal painting. He told her to please take a closer look at the painting. Charlotte did not understand what he was talking about but did not think much about it. They were, after all, the words of a dying man. Each of them was precious.

Before she could even ask her husband what he meant, what secret would lie in the art, John closed his eyes. Forever. It really had been his last words, and at the moment, Charlotte didn’t care about anything. She cried bitter tears for her beloved John, with whom she would never speak again. With whom she would never do anything again. Only after a long while she went home.
A time of mourning and reappraisal
The first time after John’s death, she often thought of his last words. What had he meant, that truth is in art? She went to the wall where the painting hung and took it down. She turned and flipped it from all sides but found nothing that would indicate a secret. Then, however, an idea came to her.

Charlotte knew a man who made his living restoring old works of art and paintings. If anyone knew about works of art, it was definitely him. The problem was that she hadn’t had any contact with him for years. She didn’t even know if he was still alive. So she had to find out first. Was the old friend still alive? She hoped so much; only he could bring light into the darkness.
The old friend
It took her some time to track down the old friend. She was also lucky; he was still alive and in good health. When he heard her story, he immediately offered to help her take a closer look at the old painting. What he immediately noticed was that it had an unusually thick layer of varnish. Something that was not the case with any of John’s other paintings. Why had he done that?

He told Charlotte that if there really was a secret in this old painting, it must be under the thick layer of varnish. Charlotte asked him to take a closer look, and so the restorer very carefully removed layer after layer of the old varnish. He did this at his studio; Charlotte was back at home. She was very curious to hear what he would say when he called her later. They had agreed that he would call immediately if he found anything.
What was hidden behind the varnish?
The man working on the painting was very curious about what he would discover behind this unusually thick layer of varnish. Charlotte had told him that it was John’s last words, that there would be a secret, a truth hidden there. So he worked anxiously and curiously to see what he would find. Would he come across a secret message? What he didn’t know yet, it was going to be huge.

He had called Charlotte because he had discovered something strange. She promised to be on her way right away. When she got there, the old friend showed her a code. A secret code that only she could understand. She deciphered an address in the code. What would she find at this address? And there was another riddle on the old painting.
When she declared the address, she knew immediately what she would find there. It was the address of the bank where she and her husband had always had an account. The other code that was encrypted there, however, told her nothing. Was that another account number or even the number to a safe? She had to find out if she wanted to know the truth.

Her old friend, the restorer, and she went directly to this bank the next day, and they asked the employee at the counter if he could help them further. Whether he knows what this further sequence of numbers means? The man acted very strangely and looked at them both. What did it mean? Charlotte became very nervous; she had not expected such a reaction.
She did not expect something like this
The employee behind the counter was surprised when the old lady showed him the code. He immediately knew what it meant. This was one of the oldest safes in the whole bank, and no one had opened it for over 50 years. Many of them in the bank sometimes wondered if anyone would ever come to open it. And yes, today was the day. Charlotte was there.

Charlotte, of course, could not suspect anything about the bank employee’s thoughts and was surprised when he took up the phone and dialed a security guard. She was terribly frightened. What was going on here? However, the bank official told her not to worry. It was only for her own safety. Her friend was also puzzled. What would they discover right now? He stood by Charlotte’s side.
Will the secret be revealed?
Along with the clerk from the counter who had gotten a replacement, the security guard and her old friend, Charlotte, went into the room where the old safe was located. She was very excited. What exactly had John been keeping secrets from her? What exactly would she find in that old safe now? The path seemed endless until they finally stood at the right safe.

In her entire life, she had never been in a room like this, where there were so many compartments and safes. This was a special moment for the old lady. In the middle of the big room, there was a noble table made of marble, and there was a black box on it. Next to the box were black satin gloves. Charlotte knew something like that only from movies and was incredibly curious now.
What would she find in this box?
As they strolled to the box, Charlotte naturally thought feverishly about what might be inside. She wondered if John had left her some money. But then why the safe? He could have kept it in the house; there was no need for a safe in the bank. And the safe had been locked for ages!

That’s what the bank official had told her. That no one had opened this safe for over 50 years, so now she would finally get behind the secrets of her husband after so many years? To solve this mystery, she had to do one thing now. Put on the gloves and open the box. We can well imagine the old lady’s excitement. What would she discover here?
The tension was hardly bearable
Before she could set about opening the box, the bank official told her that she needed to sign some documents. This was protocol. Then they left her and her old friend alone in the room so that discretion would be maintained. When the men were outside, the old woman put on her gloves and carefully opened that black box on the table.

She looked into the box and was totally confused. What was that? Was it a small blinking device? She had no idea what to make of it. Was she in a movie or a prank? Was she just being teased a little? But in a moment, she would realize it wasn’t a joke. And she would know what it was… So this had been John’s secret all these years?
It was not about the blinking device at all
One of the employees was called, and he explained to her that it was not her husband’s inheritance but that the blinking thing was a scanner. This was used to verify the authenticity of fingerprints. It was the only way to make sure that only the right people could open the safes. Charlotte was the right one. And so she used this thing to open the actual safe. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

The safe opened, and Charlotte saw so much money she thought she was dreaming. Surely it couldn’t all have belonged to John? They had hardly any money, but they weren’t poor either. Had John really provided so well for them, for the children? But before she could think about it further, she discovered that there was much more in that safe than just money…
She could not believe what she was seeing
There was an envelope in the safe beside this incredible amount of money, and it contained a letter for Charlotte. She was beginning to feel that she was finally going to learn what her husband had kept from her all these years. She was very nervous when she opened the envelope. This letter was from John; there was no doubt about it. She recognized the handwriting of her beloved husband immediately.

The letter had actually been written over 50 years ago, and it contained words that touched Charlotte’s heart deeply. He had been very emotional, her John, when he had written this letter for his then young wife. She began to read her husband’s words very slowly and could not believe what they said.
The letter of her late husband
When the employee, who was still standing at the door, noticed how touched the woman was, he decided to leave the room. The friend, who was there, also left the room so that the old lady could read her husband’s message in peace. She sat down on a chair and calmly read the lines. She had to cry, so much the words of her John touched her.

Her husband had told in the letter that, as a young man, he had inherited a very large sum of money from one of his uncles. He had been a very wealthy man and had taken care of John when his father died. He himself had probably had no descendants. This was all new to Charlotte, who had never known anything about his childhood before.
The inheritance of the uncle
When John was just four years old, his father died in a terrible accident. His mother had been very poor and found herself unable to properly care for her child, and so it happened that little John spent most of his childhood with his uncle, who provided him with everything he needed and far more. The two had gotten along very well. Charlotte remembers that he had sometimes spoken of him but never that he had practically grown up there.

The question now was, why had he never told Charlotte about this huge amount of money? Surely they would have had a much easier life? There was a very specific reason for that. It had been important to John that people liked him for himself, not for the money. He didn’t want to be rich at all and wanted to live a normal, modest life with his wife and children.
A modest life is more valuable than wealth
Little John was raised by his uncle, who had been a good man. But John was well aware of how people tried to take advantage of his uncle’s good nature, how they were nice to him just because he was rich. He was treated differently than others, without anyone taking into account how the character was. John did not want that for himself.

He wanted to be respected and honored for his own sake and not for the sake of money. He also wanted his children to grow up modestly but happily. They had everything; they lacked nothing. They led a modest but happy life. But John wanted his wife and children to be able to do whatever they wanted with the money after his death.
What did Charlotte do with the inheritance?
Charlotte was not angry with her John, quite the opposite. She could have been angry because he had somehow denied them a rich life. But since she also had a good heart, she saw that they had a happy life, which might not have been possible with all that money. They would have been treated differently, and their children might have developed completely different characters.

But what should she do with the money now? She thought that a trip around the world together with the children might be the best idea. That would be a nice gesture and would certainly have pleased her John very much. Of course, there would be some leftovers, but the children were happy when Charlotte told them about the trip and also about the letter. They understood their father, too, and wanted, above all, to preserve his spiritual heritage, which was much more valuable than all the money in the world. But what would they do with the rest of the money?
A very good idea for the rest of the heritage
She didn’t know what to do with the rest of the inheritance. She had a nice home, the children had their own livelihood, and she had a good pension. So she didn’t even know what to do with the rest of the money at first and consulted with her children as well. None of them were angry with her; on the contrary, when she had an idea.

They thought about whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to donate the rest of the money, or a large part of it, to a research institution that was doing research on the disease that John had to die of. That was probably the most meaningful thing they could use the money for, and so they did. We think that’s a nice idea. One question remains: What actually happened to the painting that started the ball rolling?
Another good idea
But she still thought of something that could be done with the money. There was still some of it left. She wanted to honor John. His passion had been art. Painting. So she had to find a way that John’s works, or especially the one that had contained the message, would be honored posthumously by professionals in the right place.

She had an acquaintance who worked in the local museum. She agreed with him to a certain amount of money so that he would hang her husband’s picture in the museum. His dream had always been to be exhibited in a museum one day, and now, after his death, he got this opportunity. A magical idea. And what did Charlotte do for herself? She was satisfied and summed up for herself…
The last tribute to their beloved John
So the picture was hung in the museum, and Charlotte decided to spend the rest of her life in memory of her husband. She could have been angry with him, but she was not. She understood why he had acted the way he did, and she couldn’t complain, after all. If they had led a poor life now or even had to starve, then it would have been a problem.

But so, they had everything, the children had become good people, and they were taken care of; that was it even before the inheritance. And she was already looking forward to seeing her beloved John again in heaven someday. Until then, however, she would enjoy the rest of her life. A beautiful story, don’t you think?