With these tips, you can easily manage to live healthier!

Lisa - 28. February 2022
We, too, are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of health-related information we get. For example, what vitamins are essential, and how long should you sleep right now? How much exercise is healthy, and how much is unhealthy? Are some things not allowed to be eaten now, or what is okay sometimes? There's just too much information out there these days, so it's easy to feel cluttered. Therefore, we thought we would summarize the most important tips for you to live healthier easily.

A lot of what you read is true, no question, but it's the mass that messes you up. Especially the topic of nutrition has become so diverse that you soon won't even know what you should, may, should, could buy in the supermarket... However, it's not that hard to do the elementary, most important things for your health, and we show you how easy it is.
Eat many different foods.
This is already the most important point, and it is very easy to implement. Rice with vegetables and who does not live vegetarian or vegan with lean meat at lunch, in the evening a light supper consisting of a salad or even bread with good toppings, which could be salad, cheese or even vegetable spreads. In the morning, oatmeal with fruit. In between, there is a fruit or, better still, nuts

Once a week, fish would be great; then you have pretty much everything covered that the body needs. Fiber, and good vitamins, from the fish, come with vitamin D, and everything else provides what else you need. That's not so hard after all. Have a diversified diet, including lots of veggies and even fruits. Nuts, for example, are high in amino acids and iodine.
Do I have to eat gluten-free and only low-carb?
First of all, you don't have to do anything. Those who do not have gluten intolerance, in any case, do not need to give up. On the contrary, more and more experts strongly advise against simply giving up gluten. Because if you eat a gluten-free diet for weeks, you'll break your body of these, and you probably won't tolerate them at all. As the technical term goes, anyone who has celiac disease must naturally do without it. But that's just a few percent of the total population. You should make sure that you don't eat too much white flour, for example, by eating rye bread more often.

Low carb is also such a topic. If you want to lose weight, of course, you can do it on the way. However, these carbohydrates are also missing, and you get hungry much more often! Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, all these foods keep you full for a long time. After all, it depends on how you prepare them. If you don't add too fatty sauces, they don't have as many calories either. Here is the mixture that provides for the "getting fat." Potatoes have hardly any calories, French fries, of course, due to the fat all the more. Simple thing!
Watch out for "good fats".
It is easy to consume the right fats. However, a distinction is made between "saturated fats" and "unsaturated fats." Easily explained, this means: All fats, except fish, which come from animals, are not exactly optimal for our health. This includes butter, for example. Margarine is better here. This should consist of oils and, of course, not contain artificial additives. Bacon and fatty sausage are also not optimal in the long run.

However, it would help if you did not do without fat because we need fat for digestion and the organism. However, this should consist of oils rather than animal fats and butter. So you can steam the vegetables with a little olive oil or other good oils, or you can leave them out. For a salad, oils are better than dressing anyway. Add a little vinegar and good spices. Then the salad is perfect.
Less sugar, less salt.
There is also no art to eating less salt and sugar. The most important thing here is cooking and baking for yourself as often as possible. You can extremely limit sugar consumption if you do everything yourself. Because many ready-made products contain too much sugar, think here for ketchup. Ketchup contains almost 20 g of sugar per 100 ml! And you get that quickly when you eat French fries with ketchup. Try making your ketchup. It's not hard at all.

The situation is similar to salt. Those who cook for themselves can determine how much salt they add to their food. Companies determine what's in them by eating on the go and consuming ready-made products. Therefore, it is better to cook yourself often; then, you are the boss over the ingredients and determine what you feed your body and what you leave out. This is not difficult either and is even fun. Even the most stressful everyday life still leaves little room for quick cooking. Health should be worth it.
Don't eat more than you have to!
It sounds exhausting, but it's not. The most common mistake people make when eating is simply eating too fast. There is enough evidence that our brain only checks after about 20 minutes that we are already full. Or sends signals to the stomach that enough is enough. Therefore, an important rule when eating: Take your time! Enjoy. Do not consume anything on the side. Neither cell phone nor newspaper, certainly no TV.

Just eat at your leisure. Fill the plate well so that this one plate is enough. We often see people filling their second or third plate because they just finished the first one too quickly. If you take your time, you are guaranteed to be full with one plate. Those who are still hungry should then eat fruit for dessert, as is done in southern countries. Not desserts, but fruits. They are just as cute. Or cheese, they say, not for nothing, "cheese closes the stomach."
Can I no longer eat butter or sugar at all?

That's not the point. Of course, you can still enjoy your sandwich or cake, which does contain sugar. Otherwise, it tastes more like bread. It's all about a balanced diet. Those who have eaten very fatty foods at lunchtime should then have a light meal in the evening, preferably with a salad. Balance it out if you ever overdo it with animal fats or sugar. Do you without everything? No, of course not!

You can also continue to enjoy your steak if you like it, even though red meat is one of the unhealthy foods. If you eat a nice bowl of salad with it, you'll pretty much make up for the "bad." However, if we no longer eat anything that tastes good to us, life is no longer fun. It's much more about the mix, the balance. And that often comes up short. This can and should be changed.
The issue of weight.
We don't want to preach how important good body weight is. People already know for themselves how unhealthy being overweight is. That overweight should try to come down from it slowly but surely. Without a crash diet, without pressure, and without coercion. Simple, yes, it is simple, slowly change the diet. More vegetables, more fruit. Less sugar, less fat. A little more movement. It doesn't have to be endurance sports or jogging.

Eat less, not more, than is needed. This is the correct way to reduce excess weight slowly. For example, eat one less serving, but eat a bowl of delicious carrot sticks in the afternoon. Tastes good, also fills super, and still supplies the body with good minerals and vitamins. On the subject of movement again: Take the stairs more often. Dancing in the room is also a sport! Favorite music on and dance around the room loosely. The Sport unit is completed!
Drink, drink and drink again!
We remember well that they used to say to children in the past, don't drink so much during the meal. Otherwise, you won't manage the plate. That's right! So if you want to eat less, you should drink more. It is best to drink at least half a glass of water before eating, then the feeling of satiety sets in much sooner. Cravings sufferers should also consider the practice of consuming a glass of water or a cup of tea.

You know it in the summer that you drink a lot here because you are so warm and you sweat so much. The logical consequence is one has less hunger! Why not carry out this behavior all year round? There is nothing to be said against it; quite the contrary. Of course, you need more food in the winter, but it can be balanced and does not necessarily have to consist of fatty and hearty foods. With a little goodwill, you can do your body a lot of good through diet alone.
Healthy living is not so difficult.
Everything with measure and purpose, that's what they used to say. It is the same with healthy living. You can snack. No question. You're allowed to put on a little weight sometimes. You can easily take a lazy day. Why not? You should even do that. But everything is in moderation. A little snacking, no problem. Maybe go for a walk afterward, and you'll be fine. A lazy day, perfectly okay. Maybe run one more lap the next day after that?

The key to health is, above all, also in the head. If I keep thinking food will make me fat, it will. If I feel guilty about the steak, it won't have the best effect, likewise with snacking. Whenever you think what you are doing is bad for you, it is. So watch your diet. To your thinking. Here's to a little more exercise and your spirit. Then healthy living is a really simple thing.
The influence of the media and the environment.
Finally, a word about the media and the environment. Practically everyone knows the well-intentioned advice from family, colleagues, and, of course, the media. We need to do more sports. We are not allowed to eat this and that. Haven't you eaten enough today? Please pay attention to how you are doing yourself and not what others say to you. Most of the time, well-intentioned advice comes from people who don't lead their own lives optimally.

On the other hand, the media present us with a life that almost doesn't exist. People are always fit, beautiful, not overweight, and certainly have no wrinkles around their eyes. The question here is, do you want to be like that? Or is one's well-being much more important? Probably yes. Who says that the supermodel's stomach doesn't often growl and doesn't feel like doing sports so enthusiastically in front of the camera? Exactly. Just look at yourself and go with your gut. Whatever is good for you, do that too! You know exactly when enough is enough, and then keep to these limits for your own sake.